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Investing in The Bahamas


The Bahamas is well known for its turquoise waters, phenomenal beaches, and high standard of living. The Bahamas also has one of the most well established and diverse real estate markets in the Caribbean, ranging from affordable family homes, to ultra-luxury and everything in between.



  1. With over 700 stunning islands surrounded by crystal-clear waters, The Bahamas offers a wide selection of picturesque destinations to explore.
  2. The Bahamas presents highly attractive tax incentives, including exemptions from income tax, VAT, inheritance tax, and capital gains tax.
  3. There are proactive incentives for investment. The government's economic growth and development policies are guided by the Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA), established to reduce bureaucratic delays for domestic and international investors. The BIA serves as the administrative arm of the National Economic Council and Investments Board.
  4. The real estate market in The Bahamas is stable and diverse, providing a range of beachfront homes that cater to different budgets, from affordable options to ultra-luxurious properties. Potential buyers also have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency.
  5. The booming tourism industry in The Bahamas offers excellent income-generating potential for property owners interested in renting their homes to visitors. In 2022 alone, The Bahamas welcomed over 7 million tourists. The country is on course to reach a record breaking 8 million tourists in 2023.
  6. Positioned in close proximity to the US, The Bahamas offers direct flights to Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and other US cities. There are direct flights from Toronto, London and Panama City. Nassau, on New Providence is the main gateway to The Bahamas. However, there are direct flights from the US to other islands in the country including Eleuthera, Great Exuma, Grand Bahama Island and Abaco.
  7. As a dream destination for many, The Bahamas captivates with some of the clearest waters worldwide, making it a true paradise for boaters and water sport enthusiasts. The Bahamas boasts a wealth of world-class amenities, including five star resorts, golf courses, fine dining, luxury shopping, and an array of exciting attractions.
  8. The Bahamas has been a peaceful parliamentary democracy since 1729. An independent nation since 1973 with compliant legislation and consultative approach. Also, highly trained industry professionals and an English-speaking workforce.